On Puggles

I have been researching breeds for a project I am doing at the moment. Along with this, I have also seen programs on the TV about puppies. I can plainly see that it is very important to research breeds and the needs of a puppy, and that if this isn’t done, it can lead to negative consequences for both the family and the dog.

Saying this, you would expect that I did a lot of research before picking Daisy. You would be wrong.

Daisy is a Puggle, which is a cross between a Beagle and a Pug. if I had looked more into the personalities of these breeds, then i would have been better prepared for what I would be letting myself in for. When I was choosing a dog, I wanted a smallish dog, who wasn’t sedentary, but wasn’t too energetic. I wanted a companion who I could share life with, but not a dog who was so much effort that I would be stressed. I looked for a long time for the right dog. I visited a few and after a while, I went to see Daisy.

I had decided I didn’t want a young puppy as I wasn’t experienced enough, and I didn’t want an old dog as I wanted a long life with it. Daisy was 7 months old. When I visited, she was bouncy and wanted to play. She showed that she could do basic obedience tasks and was crate-trained. She was obedient and a right character. I loved her already. I wanted the best for her. So I took her home.

Since then, my life has changed in so many ways. I have realised that puggle’s need a lot of stimulation and exercise. Daisy could go for hours on a walk if she could. She isn’t content on resting on the sofa. She always needs to be doing something. This has been both good and bad. I struggle with my mental health and I worry that I don’t give her enough stimulation. I don’t have enough energy to keep up with her and I find this difficult. I often feel frustrated and wish she would lie down. But then I look at what she has brought me. I get out and about, I enjoy the walks we have. I enjoy playing with her and her funny quirks. I love her character and her affection. She is well behaved (most of the time) and easily trainable. Thanks to her, I have learned so much about the world of dogs and had more opportunities that I ever would have thought.

While I wouldn’t change her for the world, I can’t stress enough the importance of reading up on breeds and how to look after and train a puppy or dog. This will ensure you get the right dog for your lifestyle and that behavioural problems are less likely.

For more information on breeds and puppy tips see www.moderndoggroup.com 


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