Being Social

One of the most important in a dog’s life is the opportunity to socialise with other dogs. The consequences of not introducing your dog to other dogs can be great including aggression borne out of fear. The dog training company Daisy and I attend has recently started running social walks once a month. In my opinion, this is a great idea for getting the dogs used to being around other dogs, and it also allows dogs that aren’t allowed off lead to have social time with dogs.

When we expose our dogs to different experiences, they become more confident and their self esteem grows. This can help in preventing fear-aggression responses and help make them more resilient to change and stress. Your dog will often respond in a way that is a product of your interaction together and your responses to the environment. So next time you are out and about, think about how you are responding to the world around you.

It makes me so happy to see Daisy having fun and chasing other dogs to play. On the days that I worry about being a bad owner, I try to remember the good things I do, the videos help as a visual aid.

Socialisation doesn’t just happen in puppyhood and it is never too late to begin, especially if you have rescued your dog. The more you dog is around other dogs and people, the more they will learn/

I would really recommend socialising your dogs regularly and as early as possible if you have a puppy. The more your dog can be around other the dogs, the more that they learn acceptable behaviour, and the more they can have fun while playing!


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