On Scruffts and Crossbreeds

This weekend, Daisy won prettiest bitch in the Scruffts heats. When they called her name, I was quite emotional. I didn’t expect her to be given 1st place at all. To me, she is the most beautiful dog in the world, but it is a very subjective thing, and it is almost luck of the draw in such competitions. There were some beautiful dogs there, who I thought were sure to win. But they chose my Daisy. At that moment, I was so proud of her, she was so well behaved, and lovely to the judges. She just wanted to wag her tail (and her body) and have a great time.

Afterwards, a reporter from the local newspaper came up to me and wondered if she could ask a few questions. One of the questions was, what does it mean to you that Daisy won prettiest bitch? I had to think about it, and my answer seemed to fail in comparison to what it felt in my head. I said that it meant that someone else has seen the beauty that I see everyday. She has been hard work, and I have struggled with her, but she has a lovely temperament. I have worked hard to make sure she gets the best in terms of diet, medical care and training. Someone else has seen what I see, and that is immense.

Another question was did I think crossbreed competitions like Scruffts were important. I had to think about that one too. I said that yes I did think that they were important, because the pedigree world gets so much attention. Crossbreeds are every bit as beautiful, charming and important, and they should have their chance to get recognition for that.

Amongst the questions, I found myself really realising what Daisy has brought me, and that the prettiest bitch competition wasn’t just about her looks. She is beautiful to me because she has such a lovely nature about her, she is friendly yet independent, playful yet knows her limits. I have been in some quite dark places in the 18 months I’ve had Daisy, and at times, I have worried that I haven’t done right by her. But she has been my saving grace in so many ways. If it wasn’t for her, I would spend all day in bed, wasting my life away. Instead, I get up every morning and really enjoy the time I spend with her, even if she doesn’t always listen when I call. Daisy has opened my world up in ways I wouldn’t have expected. I have made friends with some lovely people, and really got involved with training, behaviour and nutrition. I have found my desire to learn again, something I thought I had lost.

I have found that my confidence has grown so much in having Daisy around. I can handle so much more, and she helps me to talk to other people. I feel I belong to the dog world when I am with owners, dogs and pro’s. I have found something I am good at, and it has pushed me to apply for university, something I would never have considered a couple of years ago.

There are still days when I get frustrated and Daisy tests my patience, but she is the prettiest bitch in the world to me, and she is just as important and stunning as any pedigree.

View the article in the Lincolnshire Echo


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