First Steps on the Beach

This year my partner and I decided to take Daisy on holiday with us as we wanted to include her in our getaway. She had never been to the beach before so it was exciting to think of how she would react. We had a great journey down to Cornwall, with no traffic incidents. Just one stop off, and we arrived at the caravan. Daisy was already excited, wanting to sniff everywhere. I kept her on the lead until she had settled a bit so we could unpack properly and be sure that she wasn’t causing mayhem.

On the first day, we had a lazy morning before heading to the beach. We let Daisy offlead and she sprang into action. She didn’t quite know what to do with herself. It really made me smile and chuckle and if you know me, you’ll know that isn’t something I do often.

We took a ‘safe stick’ toy to keep Daisy focussed on us as she tends to wander off if left to her own devices. She absolutely loved it, and she even swam in the sea to get to it. Daisy has never been in the water more than paddling in a puddle, so I was beaming with pride. To stop her getting bored, we put the toy away now and then so it kept her interested. I was really impressed with her recall as there were so many distractions – dogs chasing balls, children with ice creams and seagulls to name a few.

Now the tell tale signs of Daisy getting overtired are: her hearing turns off and she gets into mischief. This was demonstrated very well when she decided to scale a rock face to explore and then couldn’t get back down. She ran off along a concrete bit out to sea, if she had put one foot wrong she would have been straight in the sea, which would have scared her quite a bit due to its deepness. So I climbed up to her and brought her back to safety at which point I clipped her lead back on! We decided to leave so we could be sure she wouldn’t get into trouble again.

Once home, she slept the rest of the evening. I think I can say for certain that Daisy enjoyed her first steps on the beach, and I can’t wait for more adventures.


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